White nylon guide rollers

This page offers all you need to install the guide rail for your garage door, or similar. The nylon guide rollers vary in function of their diameter and length. Choose a reference that corresponds as closely as possible to your current rollers to avoid having to adapt your system, often rather complicated to do. The guide plates fix to the upright to keep it firmly in place during opening and closing. Our guide plates are designed for doors measuring from 20 mm to 50 mm in thickness. Larger than this you will need to buy the guide rollers and make your own made-to-measure plate. Or opt for an easier life and ask us to make it for you! We also sell the rails to be fixed or screwed to the ground and available in different shapes: triangular or round profile, to be embedded or not. If your sliding doors are starting to suffer from age, we offer roller carriages with bearings to replace your existing. They are compatible with most products made by the major world-wide manufacturers.

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There are 32 products.