The hardware store Caujolle opens its doors and offers you a wide variety of accessories for your castors as well as other products to get equipped, for your interior as well as for your garden, for all kinds of do-it-yourself activities. The diversity of the articles presented on this page provides you with a wide choice of design and quality, whatever the activity you intend to use them in. DIY and handling essentials: For example, we sell the wheelbarrow repair kit including a solid shaft, two retaining rings and two socket clamps; Its use will avoid you having to buy a new wheelbarrow because of a wheel that no longer works. In addition, we offer a wide selection of inner tubes to repair all your tyres. We also offer an outdoor clothes line in high quality anthracite-grey. Pulleys, whether hooked, lugged, screw eyed or lagged, are also a key component of the hardware. They will allow you to lift loads from 10 kg to 100 kg. Everything for your material and equipment: Discover on this page the best elements to facilitate everyday life, whether at home, in your garden, or at work. A wide choice of extensible sleeves, round or square, will allow you to facilitate the fixing of castors in a round or square tube for example. You can also purchase telescopic jockey wheels or trailer wheels for your trailers or caravans. And as it can always prove useful, we also offer accessories such as a hose winder or a Europe pallet to make yourself your low tables.

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There are 291 products.