Whether you are looking for a flower pot stand, a wheelbarrow, a sack truck or a trolley, something made in steel or in aluminium, we offer the widest possible range.

“Things” on wheels are precious allies that make everyday life that little bit easier:  a trolley or a sack truck can make moving boxes or a washing machine child’s play. Or perhaps a wheelbarrow to shift earth from one part of the garden to another, or just a simple wheeled base to move a piece of furniture. When moving house nothing is more frustrating that not having the right equipment, making the whole job harder work and more tiring. This page is filled with an amazing range of things on wheels that you’re certain to need one day or another, maybe for personal use or professional. From an aluminium base for a wardrobe, to the wheelbarrow with two puncture-proof wheels, or a convenient folding trolley, our equipment will make your life easier under so many different circumstances.

There are 70 products.

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There are 70 products.