Our list includes a complete range of castors, both for furniture and interior decoration and for fitting to any type of trolley or piece of equipment for general goods handling. Amongst this amazing range of accessories you’ll find castors to give a contemporary designer look and the perfect finishing touch to your furniture. Whatever the finish effect you are looking for, chrome, grey aluminium or brushed black, we have the perfect solution.  Our braked models ensure stability and safety. You will also find small wheels specially designed for handling accessories, all set out in this category and available according to the weight of the load (150 kg to 600 kg).

Our other models include: wheels with pneumatic tyres, solid hard tyres and those able to withstand particularly high temperatures! The types of fixing also vary according to your needs: central eye, swivel plate, clip or threaded stem. Depending on the weight to be carried, the type of fixing, the type of bearing and according to the usage required, we have just the castor you need for ultimate ergonomy, efficiency and quality. We cover all types of usage and all professions: castors for furniture, for industry, trolleys, STAINLESS STEEL castors and much more.

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There are 625 products.

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There are 625 products.