Material handling carts

Take a look at our selection of trolleys for handling a wide range of goods and find exactly what you need! These are designed for moving goods in a warehouse, store, storage area or on industrial premises. Offering easy manoeuvrability, they are also remarkably useful when moving house. Our aluminium goods handling trolleys are fitted with 4 swivel wheels to make turning easy where space is at a premium. They all have a folding handle for easy storage in a cupboard or car boot. These trolleys with robust castors are available in steel and aluminium guaranteeing them to be lightweight, strong and long-lived. They can carry a variable maximum load depending on the model you choose, from 50 kg to 120 kg for the aluminium trolleys and up to 400 kg for steel trolleys. All our models are manufactured here in our French workshops.

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There are 8 products.