Puncture proof supple wheels

For any type of activity, whether industrial, leisure gardening or general works, having puncture-proof but supple wheels can offer a real advantage when moving items or goods. In this section you’ll find a broad range of wheels in many different formats and be able to choose the one that is best adapted to your equipment.

Why not opt for a supple puncture-proof wheel?

The supple puncture-proof wheel can be indispensable in many different situations, after all even the most careful of us are likely to run over a nail with their sack truck at some time. This is why we offer products that are exceptionally robust. From the small industrial handling wheel to the puncture-proof wheelbarrow wheel, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Thanks to the polyurethane foam moulding process used, our wheels and castors are both supple, ie easy to manoeuvre, like any good quality pneumatic tyre, and puncture-proof.  So you can enjoy all the benefits of a pneumatic tyre without having to suffer the inconveniences! For example, the sack truck wheel with a 260 mm diameter reference 86365 is made from polyurethane foam, a tyre that is virtually 3 times tougher over time than a classic wheel. It can carry loads up to a maximum weight of 100 kg without losing shape! What type of wheel should you choose? To find the answer to this question begin by checking the type of fixing on your wheelbarrow, trolley or sack truck. Our supple puncture-proof wheels can be fitted to the majority of equipment currently on the market and have been designed to fit either to 20 mm or 25 mm axles. All our wheels are fitted with roller bearings as a minimum, to make movement easier. To fit them to the axle, take a look in our hardware section to order the mounting clip caps essential for fitting. The supple puncture proof wheels in this category are either made in rubber or polyurethane foam (easily recognizable by their yellow rims). Choose rubber if you have a smooth floor. Certain models in supple rubber and a cast iron rim with a 350 mm diameter can carry weights up to 900 kilos!

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