The pneumatic wheel, a basic essential for everyday use. Whether for your wheelbarrow, sack truck or trailer, your daily activities always need pneumatic wheels at some time. Their great advantage is that they act as shock absorbers on an uneven surface, even when used to move heavy loads. On this page you’ll find virtually all the wheels currently on the market. In search of a wheelbarrow wheel to replace the one you’ve punctured in your garden? Perhaps you need a wheel to repair your sack truck that’s been stored in the garage for years?

You’ve broken the wheel of your trailer? We have exactly what you need! And don’t forget that many of our pneumatic wheels are versatile and adaptable: for example they can be fitted to a garden trolley or a wheelbarrow or even a sack truck. What types of wheel do we offer? Our pneumatic wheels are far from all being identical and the differences are sometimes important! In particular, you can identify the solidity of the tyre as indicated by its ply. A 2 ply tyre is ideal for occasional use, a 4 ply tyre for regular use and a 6 ply tyre for constant use. Another criteria to help guide your choice is the type of bearings. As you can well imagine, there is significant difference between roller bearings, ball bearings and a smooth hub. The smooth hub is perfect if you are not transporting heavy loads as there is nothing to reduce friction. Roller bearings are indispensable for heavier weights but relatively infrequent use and ball bearings are preferable for heavy loads and frequent use. Don’t forget to use our search filters, they are there to help you in making the right choice. The pneumatic wheels we offer have diameters between 200 mm and 414 mm for admissible loads of 80 kg to 360 kg.

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There are 58 products.