This page lists all our industrial wheels designed to meet your needs efficiently and conveniently. We offer castors with diameters from 80 mm to 300 mm, appropriate for a wide range of uses. The models available are fitted with a polyurethane tyre that ensures that they are tear and wear resistant.

The polyurethane wheels that we sell are renowned for their long working life! Ideal for use over smooth surfaces, polyurethane is a supple material that enables silent movement. In addition, they are all fitted with ball bearings to reduce friction, particularly useful when used under heavy industrial machinery. But the references found on this page are in no way limited to industrial usage only. You will also find polyurethane wheels designed to fit to flower pot stands, swimming pool covers and many others. These models have a smooth hub or ball bearings. Our polyurethane is chemically inert, non-sparking and impervious to oil

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There are 64 products.

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There are 64 products.