Roulette de chaise S49Z 50TF

  • Roulette de chaise S49Z 50TF
  • Roulette de chaise S49Z 50TF
  • Roulette de chaise S49Z 50TF

Screw-in chrome-plated chair castor wheel S49Z 50TF


Screw-in office chair castor wheel.

Use on hard floors or thin carpets, for office armchairs or small furniture. 

It is composed of a double roller to enable a facilitated swivel action as well as a chrome-plated mounting for an anaesthetic aspect.


  • Wheel diameter in mm : 50
  • Load capacity in kilos : 60
  • Tyre Type / Material : Polypropylene
  • Type of bearings : Without bearing
  • Type of fixing : Threaded stem
  • Wheel height in mm : 64
  • Tyre width in mm : 45
  • Stem diameter in mm : 10
  • Stem length in mm : 15

4,99 € tax incl.

Delivery within 2-3 business days

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