Alu' Styl 75PAF

  • Alu' Styl 75PAF
  • Alu' Styl 75PAF
  • Alu' Styl 75PAF
  • Alu' Styl 75PAF

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Designer die-cast aluminium castor wheel with brake 75 mm


Swivel designer castor wheel with brake in aluminium 75 mm diameter.

This castor wheel will show off your furniture with its sleek design to perfect your interior decoration. Its style adapts perfectly to traditional furniture, modern furniture, low tables etc. The neutrality of aluminium matches all styles and you don’t risk making the wrong choice with this model!

The body of this castor wheel is die-cast and polished. It is composed of fine polyurethane non-marking runners enabling smooth and silent movement.

  • Wheel diameter in mm : 75
  • Load capacity in kilos : 45
  • Tyre Type / Material : Rubber
  • Type of bearings : Without bearing
  • Type of fixing : Pivoting with plate
  • Frein : Avec frein
  • Features : Non tachant
  • Wheel height in mm : 98
  • Plate size in mm : 60x60
  • Distance between bore : 45X45
  • Fixing diameter in mm : 6
  • Tyre width in mm : 24

22,99 € tax incl.

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